Top 5 online Apps to spend time with your friends when you're bored at home

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

It's easy to be felt left out when you have to isolate. You have to find things to at home in lockdown. But thanks to the Internet you shall feel alone no more!

There are tons of Apps facilitating your digital meet-up. In this Blog we'll present you our top 5 free Apps for this purpose!

Online gaming Apps

1. Among Us (mobile or desktop App)

You and your friends will be sent on a spaceship to complete different tasks, but be

careful! There's at least one impostor among you, who tries to sabotage your work

and even kill one or two of you. Will you be able to find the impostor? And if so, are

you able to convince your crew members too?

Among Us is a great App to spend time with up to 9 friends or strangers. Try it out!

You can download the App on your mobile phone for free or on steam for 5 francs.

2. Cards against humanity (mobile App or online)

The classic, online. What are you waiting for?

Available on your App-store or online.

3. Psych (mobile App)

This game allows you to test your knowledge about your friends in a variety of game

modes from Trivia to quizzes that test how well your friends really know you.

Download the App on your App-store.

Party Apps

4. Houseparty (mobile App)

This App provides you with things to do in lockdown at home, such as UNO,

Quick Draw or even Karaoke with your friends.

Simultaneously you can video chat with each other.

It's a great opportunity to spend time with your friends and have a laugh!

All you have to do is download the house party App on your mobile device.

5. Netflix Teleparty

Technically this one is not free, since you and your friends need an active Netflix

subscription. But if you do, its a great opportunity to watch Netflix together!

What better solution is there when you are bored at home? Netflix

Teleparty synchronizes your film or series for you and provides you with a chat option

to simultaneously discuss all that's happening with your friends. For more information

on how to get it started, click on the link.

Looking for things to do after the lockdown? Connecting again with other students for example? Check out this site, which offers group activities and trips. Surely to be reconsidered once the wave has passed. Are you in Zurich? While waiting for the end of your quanrantine, you can already prepare your little list where you will go with your friends with the good advice of this site.

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