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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

COVID-19 is now for sure the word of the year 2020. The term was used in December 2019 first, and by March 2020 it was used daily by almost every one of us. People reacted very differently to the new threat. I was one of those people trying to keep calm and not to panick. I thought as long as I kept on using disinfectant, avoided crowded public places and kept looking after my immune system, I'll be fine.

But you can't just avoid life. There are some commitments that need to be taken care of, if you like it or not. In my old workplace, everyone was agreeing on working from home. I was certainly happy about that. No more decision-making about what I should wear, no more annoying people on the train, no more frustrating train delays, and so on. In August I was about to start a new job.

Since it was my first day, I had to be there physically, so, I went, and everything was fine. A co-worker explained me everything that I had to know. I now worked for a firm much smaller than my old workplace and home-office was not well established here. Therefore, I was now required to go in and work from there. One day I got a call from my boss. I was surprised because he called me on my private mobile phone. He informed me that my co-worker, who introduced me to everything was just tested positive for Covid.

The news took me by surprise and first, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Even though, at that time, the virus was already present in our heads for months, I wasn't sure how to go from there. Immediately, after I hung up the phone, I told my roommate and we started researching where and when I could get tested. I was feeling well, I had no symptoms and was quite sure that I haven't caught the virus. I made an appointment for a quick test and went there the next day. I was still very confused and overwhelmed on my way to the test centre. When I arrived, I did the test, went back home and started writing a list of people I met since I started my new job. Luckily, I only met 5 different people physically since.

Now, the waiting game has started. I couldn't do anything. I was just lying around, bored at home. I tried to busy myself, thought about things to do in lockdown, but nothing really stopped me from overthinking. At this time, a famous singer from my community got infected with the coronavirus and my social media got flooded by news articles about it. Once again, I was reminded of Covid. I was waiting for my test results eagerly and time passed by slowly. 24 hours after, still no news. I decided to take the initiative and call the test centre myself and got told that it was possible that the laboratory wasn't able to examine my sample... What?

Disappointed I went back to bed. I realized, I wouldn't get clarity until Monday and that I had to self-isolate until then at least. When I woke up the following day, a Sunday, I got a call from an unknown number. Little did I know at that time, that this call would turn my whole life upside down. It was a call from the contract tracing centre of my hometown. I got tested positive. I was angry, sad, relieved and exhausted at the same time. I couldn't sort my emotions. The virus was always far away. But suddenly, it was inside me. I called my mum. She tried to calm me down, even though, I knew that she was the one which had to be calmed down.

I was on my phone for about three hours after that. I had to inform my workplace and all five people I had written on my list. The tracing centre needed some information. I had to clear the situation at home since I am living in a shared apartment. Suddenly, everyone directed their questions at me. I had to explain them, how to proceed and what to do and how to react. My new boss was shocked as well. It wasn't the start into this new job that either of us had hoped for. But somehow, at the end of the day, I accepted my situation and tried to make the best out of my upcoming quarantine days.

To be continued...

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