Chicken Soup

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Chicken soup appears to help fight colds, according to several studies. Sometimes chicken soup is also known as the cure in a bowl. In this post I reveal my recipe for a strongly spiced chicken soup.


● 100g Chicken pieces

● 3 Potato small pieces

● 1 Carrot

● 1/2 Tomato

● 1 spring onion

● 1 clove garlic

● Some ginger

● Chilli-flakes

● Some curry powder

● 1/2 Bouillon

● Salt to taste

● Pepper

● A little bit of Chinese quick noodle

● Olive oil

● Mustard seeds

● Water

Wash the legumes and cut it in small pieces. Heat the pot and crack the mustard seeds. Add the onion part of the spring onion to the pot and saute together with ginger and garlic. Add the vegetables except for the green part of the spring onion. Add the chicken pieces with chilli flakes and some salt (not too much since we add the bouillon cube later on) when the chicken is getting white, add the curry powder. Saute little bit and add the water with the half of the bouillon cube. Put the lid on the pot and cook it until the vegetables are al dente. Add the green part of the spring onion, pepper and the Chinese quick noodle. You are done with the soup when the noodle is cooked through. Add some salt to taste.

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