Bring the spa into your home

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well, since we are in quarantine and can no longer enjoy a good trip to the spa, creating your own little spa at home can be just as good! Better, you're just 4 simple steps away! So here are the things to do in lockdown to bring the spa to you.

First step, transform your bathroom into a real spa area. Take out your essential oil diffuser and put on a spa playlist. Make yourself a little tea, its temperature will be perfect by the time your bath is ready!

Second step, prepare a steam bath for your face. This will open pores and prepare your face for further skin care. Just boil water and add one or two drops of essential oil. As a rule, lavender oil suits perfectly; it smells good, relaxes and purifies at the same time. Put your face over the steam and cover your head with a towel. Don't get too close to avoid discomfort. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for five minutes. Leave aside things you have to do, and relax, without getting bored at all.

Now that you are relaxed and ready for the next step, dry your face with a towel and continue your spa session.

Third step, the time has come to make your facial mask. Mix a teaspoon of clay with a little bit of water and apply the mask on your face with your fingers. Let it rest for 5 minutes.

No time for getting bored at home, in the meantime, prepare your bath. Take out your best salts and prepare a washcloth for the peeling.

Final step; take your tea, light some candles and step into your bath. What nice things to do at home in lockdown!

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