6 DIYs and things to do when you're bored at home in lockdown

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We'd love to introduce you to our 6 favourite DIYs to integrate into your quarantine routine. These ideas will be welcome when you are bored at home. You'll get inspired about things to do in lockdown, or more generally about things to at home.

1. Design your own crown made of eucalyptus and flowers as shown in the picture below.

Nothing very complicated, you just have to buy an embroidery drum and arrange your plants as you want. Maybe you will find a second hand drum that you can give a second life to. Have a look on this site.

2. Knit a hat for winter.

Get ready for winter and get to your needles ready. Find the pattern here.

And another model that we find super nice, explained in this video!

3. Sew zero waste tea bags.

Looking for a way to reduce your waste? Then this tutorial is perfect for you. By sewing these tea bags, you can reuse them over and over again, and they look so nice!

Find the tutorial here. This tutorial is in French, but don't worry, follow the images step by step and you will be just fine.

Still bored at home? Don't worry, we have more ideas about things to do in lockdown, keep reading.

4. Crochet a market bag.

With this self-made bag, all eyes will be on you! Find the pattern and the tutorial here.

You too prefer to follow tutorials on video? Check this one out!

5. Sew your own mask.

Masks are THE fashion accessory of 2020! So why don't you try making one yourself, now that you have some time? Find a tutorial here.

And in video, because sometimes it annoys us to read...

6. Become a gardener.

It's easy, really. Even the most inexperienced gardener can become a green-fingered expert during quarantine. Use seeds from everyday fruits and veggies. Watch this video to get started. The video is in French, don't panic, to not miss any jokes, put the subtitles in English.

In a nutshell, just use a wet cotton, put some seeds on top of it, place it inside a plastic bag and wait. Be aware that some plant, such as avocados or dates, prefer darkness. Place them in a box to guard it from light and play the waiting game once again.

As soon as you see some roots appear, place your plant on top of a glass, filled with water. Make sure that the roots only make contact with the water. Or plant your new roommate into a pot directly.

Don't forget to water it regularly and voilà!

What are the other things to do at home in lockdown when you're bored at home? Comment below!

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